Air Bubble Screen

Deltares, Royal Haskoning & RWS

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The inland shipping industry brings along environmental challenges in terms of pollution and salt water intrusion. To enable ships to move inland to fresh water ways in a more environmental-friendly manner, the governing water authority Rijkswaterstaat, research institution Deltares and Royal Haskoning DHV developed a multi-purpose solution to reduce costs, energy and passage time. The innovative concept of bubble screens create a barrier that could be used to quickly and effectively separate fresh and salt water. In addition to the reduction in energy use, operational and maintenance costs, the concept also reduces the negative impact of the quality agriculture and drinking water. The organizations' pilot project has great global potential since the air screen can be used to great benefit on countless locks around the globe.


Sector - Transport & Logistics
- Water
Location Krammersluizen
Year 2014
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