Sand Motor

Rijkswaterstaat, Provincie Zuid-Holland (overige partners: EcoShape, Reddingsbrigade, Omgevingsdienst Midden-Holland (ODMH), Zuid-Hollands Landschap, TU Delft, STW, Deltares, IMARES, Dunea, WNF, Gemeente Westland, Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland, Gemeente

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The Netherlands has traditionally embraced the threat of the might of the sea instead of confronting it. The key is to work with nature by using the natural flow of the sea. The Sand Engine is a primary example of 'building with nature': a novel approach to sand supplementation, which is cost-effective and allows beaches to enlarge. Rather than spraying sand on the beaches, wind, waves and currents are given free rein. Nature's forces are embraced to spread the sand along the shore, thereby reinforcing the coastline and creating a dynamic area for nature and recreation. Mexico and the Netherlands are cooperating in coastal zone development through the concept of Building with Nature. Mexico also uses the Dutch technique of giving room to the river to manage high water levels.


Sector - Efficient Use of Land & Subsoil
- Safe Public Environment
- Water
Location Ter Heijde
Year 2011
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