IoniqaCircular: A Circular PET Recycling Process

Ioniqa Technologies BV

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Circular economy principles are increasingly implemented to contribute to long-term sustainability goals. Ioniqa, a clean-tech start-up, developed a circular PET-plastics recycling process to address the enormous problem of plastic waste in the world. Conventional techniques can only recycle limited amounts of returned PET-plastics (worldwide only 10%, N-Europe 50%). By removing the colourants in PET-waste, Ioniqa's process - using smart nano-materials - converts all kinds of low-grade coloured PET-waste into pure raw materials. This is of similar high-quality and costs as PET made from crude-oil, thereby closing the loop for worldwide PET-production (50 MMton yearly), contributing to a cleaner world.


Sector - Waste & Resource Efficiency
Location Eindhoven
Year 2011
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