Blue Energy

REDstack, FujiFilm, Wetsus

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A major challenge in sustainability is the provision of clean and secure energy sources as suitable alternatives to fossil fuels. REDstack uses Reverse Electrodialysis (RED) technology in producing sustainable and CO2 free energy. Blue energy, also called osmotic power or salinity gradient power (SGP), is energy generated from the difference in salt concentrations between salt water and fresh water. At Breezanddijk, on the Afsluitdijk, this technology is successfully tested and developed in a "real-world" pilotplant. REDstack and her partners are currently working on further improvements and scaling up the technology. This project is closely related to De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk - programme (

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Sector - Clean & Secure Energy
- Water
Location Breezanddijk
Year 2014
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